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Wall wraps are flexible materials that are applied to the outside of a building frame. They are useful during the construction of a property and provide a range of benefits for occupants well after construction is complete. At SL Insulation, our specialists can install wall wrap in Melbourne that protects the frame and insulation of your property while further improving the comfort you experience inside. Whether you need wall wrap for a residential, commercial or industrial property, there’s nothing our experts can’t help you with.
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One of the fundamental purposes of wall wrap is to reduce the air-flow that occurs around insulation, which allows the latter to work more efficiently and effectively. Some of the other reasons why you might want to install wall wrap in Melbourne include:

  • Wall wraps help make indoor temperatures more consistent and comfortable by reducing the extent to which outdoor air penetrates your wall insulation.
  • Wall wraps can minimise the accumulation of condensation and moisture inside your walls. This, in turn, prevents mould and structural damage from occurring.
  • Wall wraps can improve your energy efficiency, as the more consistent temperature they provide will mean you won’t have to use heaters and air-conditioners as often to reach your desired temperature.
  • During construction, wall wraps are useful for preventing water damage to floors and timber frames before cladding is installed.

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Choosing SL Insulation to install wall wrap in Melbourne will help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your insulation. You can rely on us to deliver a friendly and reliable service that is punctual and affordable. Contact us today to learn more or request a free quote.


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